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Follow the adventures of the Dunwiddle Magic School first-ever Upside-Down Magic class in the Upside-Down Magic Wiki. Join Upside-Down Fluxer Nory Horace and her fellow classmates in a series of adventures, experiences, and philosophical headstands . . . are you ready to delve into the world of Upside-Down Magic?

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What is Upside-Down Magic?Edit

In the world of the Upside-Down Magic series, everyone has one of five powers: Flyer, Fuzzy, Flicker, Flare, or Fluxer. Willa calls herself a Fluid, and Marigold calls herself a Fitter. However, some people have upside-down magic, which does not fit neatly into the five F's. The Upside-Down Magic series follows the adventures and misadventures of Nory Horace and her classmates as they learn how to manage their abilities with the help of their teacher, Ms. Starr.

Books Edit

Upside-Down Magic Book #1, Upside-Down Magic.

Upside-Down Magic Book #2, Sticks and Stones.

Upside-Down Magic Book #3, Showing Off.

Upside-Down Magic Book #4, Dragon Overnight.

Upside-Down Magic Book #5, Weather or Not,

Upcoming Books Edit

Upside-Down Magic Book #6, The Big Shrink, September 3, 2019

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