Pepper Phan is part of the Upside-Down Magic class. She is a Fierce, one of Nory Horace's best friends, and one focus of Upside-Down Magic #3, Showing Off. Pepper has a younger sister, Taffy, and twin toddler brothers, Jam and Graham. 

Appearance Edit

Pepper is rather short. She is Asian-American and is usually described as having two ponytails with a round face. Pepper is often seen in denim dresses. 


Pepper is a Fierce. Instead of communicating with animals like a Fuzzy, she scares them. Her ability was first said to affect her normal school, causing complete chaos and earning her a bad reputation. Pepper scared her family's pet, Toothpaste, so badly her parents had to give him to a therapeutic pet service for the elderly. 

Over the course of Showing Off, Pepper learned to pause her magic for up to two minutes at a time, thanks to Ms. Starr and Carrot. Pepper earned more than a hundred dollars during the book with her non-harmful pest removal service. 


Despite her magic, Pepper is a sweet, kind girl who hates hurting others. Her parents consider her extremely trustworthy, as shown by the fact they let Pepper babysit her three younger siblings, Taffy, Graham, and Jam on her own. Pepper does not like feeling left out and will befriend others who seem so, proven by her friendship with Zinnia


Pepper went to Dunwiddle Ordinary School. Her family was looking forward to her powers coming in; however, Pepper's magic just created chaos. She caused a mess at school, traumatized her family pet, and had to stop taking drum lessons with Elliott's dad. 


  • Nory called Pepper "the lemon-drop girl" before she knew her real name. 
  • Pepper body-drums, making her one of six musicians in the UDM class. 
  • Pepper's magic is automatic, but she can control it somewhat. Carrot is immune to most of Pepper's magic. 
  • Pepper is named after a spice. The given name "Pepper" often refers to a spunky personality. 
  • Pepper's magic excluded her from a dragon field trip. 
  • Her favorite band is Everyday Cake.