Ms.Eloise Starr is the teacher of the Upside-Down Magic class at Dunwiddle Magic School. She is an optimistic, caring teacher. Since she is a first year teacher, she likes to say the class will learn together. Ms. Starr believes upside-down magic classes will help upside-down kids like her. Ms. Starr is an upside-down Fuzzy


Ms. Starr is a young, African-American woman. She loves bright clothes, neon cardigans, and usually wears her dark hair back. 


Ms. Starr is an upside-down Fuzzy who enables the animals near her to speak English. So far, she has only been seen doing this to Carrot, her companion rabbit. Unlike Pepper, Ms. Starr is not a Fierce; however, she does tutor Pepper.


Ms. Starr is a cheerful, determined, and occasionally stressed-out first-year teacher. She is adored by her students, though Nory, Elliott, Willa, Marigold, Andres, Bax, Sebastian, and Pepper are not always excited by her magic classes. Especially the interpretive dances. Ms. Starr believes that UDM classes will help children understand and learn to enjoy their unusual powers. She despises the word wonky, and has her students use the words different, unusual, or upside down. 


Ms. Starr had a very difficult time in middle school. Her power caused a lot of problems, creating chaos in any situation with animals. In high school, Ms. Starr had a teacher who taught her that her upside-down magic wasn't a bad thing. That teacher inspired Ms. Starr to become one herself.


  • Ms. Starr is the third known upside-down Fuzzy, after Pepper and Mr. Kapoor. 
  • Ms. Starr's first name, Eloise, means "battle maiden" or "intelligent".