Mitali is a double-talent Flare/Fluxer in fifth grade at Sage Academy. She is well-liked by Dr. Horace and becomes fast friends with Nory Horace in Dragon Overnight. Mitali is the only known character with two talents.


Mitali has bright eyes, a big smile, light brown skin, and a dark brown bob. She usually wears the Sage Academy uniform.


Mitali is a double talent, both Flare and Fluxer. However, she can get them mixed up, so sometimes she fluxes while flaring and flares while fluxing. Mitali is a very strong Fluxer, and she can do high-level animals such as elephant. 


Mitali is a nice, fairly outgoing girl who likes making friends. She's curious, defends her friends, and usually follows the rules. That said, Mitali doesn't mind breaking a rule or two, once in a while. 


Mitali's backstory is largely unknown. She lives in the dorms at Sage Academy. The teachers are always trying to force her to keep her talents separate, which she says feels like they're squishing her into a too-small box. Mitali meets Nory and the other UDM kids in Dragon Overnight. 


  • Mitali is the first-known double talent. 
  • Mitali is considered a teacher's pet. 
  • "Mitali" means "friendly".