Marigold Ramos is a student in Ms. Starr's fifth-grade Upside-Down Magic class. Her magic shrinks things. Marigold lives with her grandparents in order to attend Dunwiddle Magic School. She is hearing-impaired and wears a hearing aid. Marigold is described as a "boots and leather jacket kind-of-girl", and she doesn't back down. Marigold is likely going to be the focus of Upside-Down Magic Book #6, The Big Shrink



Marigold is a brunette girl known for bold clothes, cowgirl boots, and her hearing aid. In Dragon Overnight, she is shown to wear grandma nighties. Marigold has long hair and usually wears it back in a ponytail. 


Marigold shrinks things. Unlike most upside-down magicians, Marigold's power is not identifiable as a variety of one of the five F powers: Flare, Fluxer, Flicker, Flyer, and Fuzzy, so she calls herself a Fitter. She's shrunk her toothbrush, her bed, her grandpa's car, and, once, Lacey Clench. She can't always stop it, and she can't make things big again. Ms. Starr has taught her to put her hands in her pockets to prevent her from shrinking things, since Marigold shrinks things she touches. Marigold is in tutoring with an unnamed specialist from the University of Maine. 


Marigold is a spunky girl who stands up for herself. After Lacey made fun of her hearing, she said, quote, "My hearing aid isn't broken. Your manners are." She wants to master her power. Marigold seems secure with her problems and has no difficulty sharing private details. She misses her parents and is best friends with Willa. 


Marigold used to live hours from Dunwiddle, but she moved in with her grandparents to attend Upside-Down Magic class. They let her watch all the TV she wants, but she misses her parents. 


  • Marigold is hearing-impaired, so she must wear a hearing aid. 
  • Marigold plays the clarinet, which makes her one of six musicians in the UDM class. 
  • The name "Marigold" refers to the flower, which is associated with sorrow and the Virgin Mary.