Elliott Cohen is part of the fifth-grade Upside-Down Magic class at Dunwiddle Magic School. He is one of Nory Horace's best friends. Elliott is an upside-down Flare and a good best friend. Elliott has not had a book focused on him, though he did get quite a bit of limelight in the first book.


Elliott is a tall, skinny boy with big, curly blonde hair. He seems to dress like an average kid, since his clothes are yet to be mentioned. He wears blue swim trunks in tutoring with Ms. Cruciferous. 


Elliott is a Flare and a Freezer. He is capable of weak flaring, but his freezing magic is much more powerful and can get out of control. He works with Willa, who rains. They are in tutoring together with Ms. Cruciferous. His magic gets out of control rather frequently; his father thinks the frozen assortment is cool, which is not Elliott's opinion. 


Elliott is a chatty boy who can be more than a little suspicious. He does not trust the Sparkies, his ex-best friends. He is a good companion, and both Nory and Willa are jealous of the other when Elliott is involved. He likes to fill silence with questions. 


Elliott's fourth-grade friendships deteriorated after his magic came in. He was the first member of the UDM class to be bullied by the Sparkies, who used to be his friends. They melted his bike tires because they were trying to ditch him. Elliott was not happy about the Upside-Down Magic program and told Nory negative stories about their classmates before the first day of school. 


  • Elliott is the only member of the UDM class to have serious problems with his pre-series friends. 
  • He is one of six UDM students, along with Bax, Willa, Marigold, Pepper, and Andres, to play an instrument, in his case, guitar. 
  • "Elliott" is a variety of "Elijah", which means "the Lord is my God". 
  • He is the only UDM student to have a typo on a page. It said Elliot instead of Elliott. This occured in Showing Off.