Andres Padillo is a fifth grader in Ms. Starr's Upside-Down Magic class. He is an upside-down Flyer who can't come down, which causes serious problems. Andres is one of the focuses of Book #4, Dragon Overnight


Andres is a Latino boy with brown skin and dark hair. He seems to like wearing bright colors and stripes, and he is either held to earth with a backpack full of bricks or tethered to his friends with a red leash. 


Andres is an upside-down Flyer who cannot stop flying. He is always pulled upwards, even when he sleeps. When he tries to go down, it often makes him rise faster. Andres has learned how to ride air currents, which helps him fly in wide-open areas. He is an extremely strong Flyer, especially compared to other fifth graders, who can only rise a few feet. Andres has no limit to how high he can fly, which is the problem. 


Andres is a nice kid who wants to be independent. His feelings of being babied likely come from constantly being tethered to others. He is known to call down random comments to his friends because he cannot hear their conversations. He is a bit more daring than is healthy. 


On the day before Andres's tenth birthday, he flew into the air during math class and never came down. His family has adapted well to his situation, especially his eighth-grade sister, Carmen. He plays bongos. 


  • Andres has the most dangerous power of the UDM kids and has been in serious danger twice in the series. 
  • Andres plays bongos, which makes him the sixth musician in the UDM class. 
  • The name "Andres" means "brave". It is the Spanish form of Andrew.